Innovative undertakings and modern technologies pose new and unfamiliar challenges. If a solution cannot be found based on standard products, creativity is required. We develop new solutions together with our partners according to your requirements profile.


We develop tailor-made solutions according to your specifications. We coordinate design, toolmaking, prototype production and series production. Together with our partners, we develop solutions for the best technology.    

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Tailor-made solutions come into play when standard products are unable to meet the requirements. We develop customer-specific products based on the requirements profile. Close cooperation with our partners brings together a great deal of knowledge and experience.

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High-quality trunking systems and grid ducts are important components in industrial cable management. With the right products, we will work with you to develop the optimum design for your system. Made-to-measure ducts, opening sections for assembly, openings for cable entries and pre-assembled moulded parts simplify assembly and save time and money.   

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Choose the right model from the extensive selection. Together with you, we define opening sections, cutouts, ventilation slots and the desired colour of the enclosure. The specific marking transforms the standard enclosure into a tailor-made solution for your product.  

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We support your design departments and provide online CAD data in various file formats. Register for this service on the portals of our partners.

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